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Welcome To ZUB

As the Fall season gets under way we find ourselves surrounded by activity. There are fund raisers that we do for various organizations in need of financial support, activities for children and students, and events designed to help build community.

But the most important thing we work on is developing our relationship with Jesus. Without that everything else is pretty meaningless. Are you tired of being busy for busy sake? Are you looking for meaning to life in all the wrong places? We encourage you to look into Jesus. He is the answer.

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This month’s virtue is kindness. I think kindness is one of the most underrated virtues out there. That’s not a good thing considering it claims a spot as one of the “Fruit of the Spirit” in Galatians 5:22,23.

There have been attempts by some to refocus our attention on kindness. You probably remember all the talk about a “Conspiracy of Kindness” or “Random Acts of Kindness” that were attempts to get us thinking about kindness. These have been great and they have helped to open our eyes to the opportunities around us to demonstrate kindness. I hope they don’t lose their ability to motivate us because they may seem out of date now.

But it is one thing to practice kind acts and another thing to become a kind person. Practice can help us transform but it also requires surrender to the Holy Spirit. Most of us will have a hard time doing it on our own.

The older I get the more I see the sense in kindness. Life is too short and is moving to fast to be unkind. And this world is desperate for some kindness. Following politics now days is almost intolerable for people who are focused on kindness.

Kindness is one of the best ways we can be a blessing to this world. We live in a society that sees high rates of depression and violence. Kindness works on young and old a like. And kindness doesn’t cost us anything from a material standpoint.

So let’s make a difference. Let’s transform our communities by being the kind of kind people we were created to be.

© 2006-2018 Zanesville United Brethren Church