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First Meeting Of 2008

The youth group held its first meeting of the year Sunday evening. The last time we met was on December 30 and we used it as a fun night. That meant spending the evening playing games on a Wii hooked up to a big screen projector. This week we were back to our regular schedule.

The meeting started out with pizza and pop. Everyone one must have overeaten during the holidays as 9 kids and 5 adults couldn’t put it all away. We then went around the room and let everyone share what they got for Christmas and followed that up with one of our favorite games. There is something about hitting people with a towel that is therapeutic for some reason.

We then broke up into Junior and Senior High groups for our lessons. Discussing what it means to be a Christian while fighting the effects of road rage must be something people can relate to because time flew by and it was soon time to go home.

Next week is a “community” night where the group will engage in a fun activity designed to build community among the members of the group. We would love to have you join us at 6:00 PM next Sunday.

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