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Looking Up

Fall is here and as the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are turning brown, we know that some people start to get depressed. And while the holidays can be a cheery time for many, others find them discouraging or even heart breaking.

I get depressed for a different reason. My favorite football team is a perennial loser. The Spring starts out full of hope as the draft takes place and free agents are signed. Training camp and pre-season offer glimpses of possibilities. But now the season is underway and all hope of glory is lost for yet another year. Sigh!

Some people would allow the sorry state of their football team to get them down. We let a lot of things get us down. But we have the greatest hope of all in Jesus. Jesus makes it possible to endure minor disgruntlements like this with a holy perspective. But Jesus shows off even more when we deal with real tragedies in life.

So look up. Jesus has your back. He loves you and is waiting for you to fall in love with Him.

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