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Children's Ministry

We believe that the spiritual formation of our children is best accomplished within the home with the parents as the primary source of direction. All too often parents have found an all too willing partner in the church to take that responsibility from the parents. However, leaving the spiritual formation of our children to the church short-circuits God’s design for spiritual formation that we find in Deuteronomy 6.

At ZUB we want our children’s ministry to support the work parents are doing in their home. We want to provide resources, training, and encouragement to parents to make it as natural as possible for them to provide spiritual nurture to their children.

To accomplish this goal we will do the following.

1. The parents will be well informed of what is being taught within the church and we will provide them materials to use in their homes to discuss with their children, at every opportunity.

2. We will endeavor to create talking points or monthly themes that will create natural bridges to stimulate discussion between children and their parents in the home.

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